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"Tomoko no Uta with an old folk house"to
Thank you for visiting us.

We have renovated our grandparents' old private house, which was on the verge of decay, so that it can be used as an inn, cafe, and community room.

Until now, many different people have visited the old folk house. As we interact with these customers, we learn from common sense.I want to express myself without being bound. And I felt a desire to return to my true self.

With this in mind, we decided to change our shop name from ``Mother's Poetry'' to ``Tomoko no Uta'' and start with a new mindset.

The place where "Tomoko no Uta" is located is a historical site on a hill called the Uenohara Jomon Forest Ruins, which is a buried cultural property.In addition, on the coast in front of you is a national memorial park called Wakamikobana, which is dedicated to Emperor Jimmu and Yamato Takerunomikoto.

Kirishima is a place where the powerful power of nature and the great people of the past coexist.

We hope that you will be able to enjoy the old daily life that Japanese people are now starting to forget, in the nostalgic scenery of Kirishima, where the fireplaces, dining shelves, hearths, transoms, and porches have remained as they were since the beginning of the Showa era. I am.

Through experiencing and chatting at the old folk house "Tomoko no Uta", customers are encouraged to visit this place.I would be happy if you could become a purpose, return to your true self, and create poems and stories together.

Shopkeeper: Tomoko Karakama

Kamado, rice balls, accommodation
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