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Karakama family, an old folk house passed down from my grandfather.

A place filled with so many memories that will continue to be passed down.

​This Wakasonhana is also known as the place of ``Yamato Takeru Mikoto'' where a new spiritual experience occurs.We would be very happy if we could help you and your family with their celebrations.

Please feel free to contact us regarding weddings, dinner parties, engagement ceremonies, etc.

grandfather, black and white, horse

 Is it okay to drink shochu after working hard?

photos, weddings, memorials

I'd rather hang this in front of the entrance.
The clothes you borrowed from your father are so slippery, aren't they?
Ah, it's embarrassing

mother, rear view, walk

Life is hard when you’re 93 years old!
But I have to walk! I'll go to the grave

sunset, scenery, sea
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